BTS As Investors Reveal Their True Personalities

A very different approach to investing…

Money always reveals a person’s true nature…

Although BTS is now a successful K-pop idol, he remains humble and has been dubbed a “broken billionaire” by ARMYs for his attitude towards money. Regardless of the price, for example on the variety show Run BTS! BT21 new items, food, coupons, etc. Members are very excited and will do their best to win.

BTS revealed how they would invest in each other’s businesses if they received 77.7 billion won (approximately US$60.5 million), with members taking different approaches and revealing their individual personalities. did. Let’s see…

1. RM
RM proved to be incredibly selfless, as one would expect of a leader. He gave himself a minimal amount and distributed the rest in another way, but he did so on purpose.

2. Jin
Jin is very business savvy (he’s his CEO at JinHit Entertainment, after all…), but he’s literally the definition of a “broken millionaire.” As such, he invested little or nothing in a small number of members unless he saw the business potential. Since he is a pet softie, he has invested quite a bit in his business, and some in V’s pet hotel. But he invested the most in RM’s museums.

3. Sugar
Likewise, Suga has distributed the money meticulously. So he knew that some companies needed more money, so he gave more money to certain members, and less money when he decided the chances were slim. .

4. J-Hope
J-Hope is always a supportive and encouraging friend. When he saw the total amount, he knew he could divide it evenly among all seven of his members.

5. Jimin
Like RM, Jimin was a selfless choice. So he gave himself a minimum amount and estimated the rest based on the type of business the members wanted. 6.V
V, on the other hand, showed humor in the task. He invested heavily in the first four (his hyungs), but when it came to Maknaeline (including himself)…he wasn’t that generous.

7. Jungkook
Jungkook’s approach was similar to his J-Hope’s, but the math is hard and he wanted to take it easy too (same). His comments are summarized as follows. <3 BTS Rules!”

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