BTS And LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 Are Following In Their Fathers’ Footsteps With Comeback Song

BT21 is in the K-POP era.

BT21 follows in their father’s footsteps…

BTS’ Jin officially enlisted on December 13th, beginning his 18-month military service. So by 2025 he won’t have an OT7 comeback.

Members are already holding us back with solo content like RM’s recent solo album Indigo, but another group will soon make a comeback to help fill the void…

His BT21 from BTS and LINE FRIENDS not only marks his 5th anniversary since debut.

It was also recently announced that BT21 will be making a comeback with ‘Would You’. The comeback schedule including MV teaser, poster release, official song release, lyric video, and dance rehearsal has been released. Based on the two teasers, we get an upbeat hip-hop track reminiscent of BTS, the fathers of BT21.

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