BTS And BIGBANG Fans Join Forces To Defend Suga And Taeyang From Haters After Their “Suchitwa” Episode

ARMYs and VIPs protect #Suga from ‘fake fans’.

BTS Suga’s Suchwita episode, starring BIGBANG’s Taeyang, was filled with memorable and wholesome moments as the two K-pop icons continually expressed their admiration and respect for each other. was an important part of BTS’ growth, and Taeyang replied that he was also influenced by Suga’s group.

Some toxic netizens viewed their exchanges negatively and began posting hurtful comments about the episode online. Many of them were affected when they said,


Her BTS and her BIGBANG fans, called ARMYs and VIPs, began criticizing these haters, calling them fake fans. They argued that Suga should freely show admiration and respect for Taeyang. The hashtag “#ProtectSuga” began trending on Twitter, encouraging fans to respect the idol’s emotions and boundaries.


Some were frustrated that so-called fans put their feelings before Suga.


There are still haters in the K-pop community who are too possessive and spread nothing but negativity. I hope more fans can respect the boundaries, personal choices and emotions of idols.

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