BTS 2021 Festa ‘Army Corner Shop’ Teaser

BTS 2021 Festa celebrations continue since the onset of the month. Each day there are additions to the ‘celebration memoir’ by BTS.

As of today, BTS has shared a 2021 Festa ‘Army Corner Shop’ Teaser. It is a teaser giving away minute glimpses of what could be expected. But as the title suggests, it is about ARMY and BTS. 

The video starts with the BTS members entering a bright-colored room filled with items.  According to J-Hope, “there are many sentimental items” in the room.

As the members inquire, “where are they,” to which the group leader, RM replies, “We are at the Army Corner Store.” 

The conversation starts from there, with each member talking about their bond with BTS fandom, “#ARMY.” 

BTS talk about random topics has definitely the audience excited, about what is to come. 

Since its release on the BNAGTANTV, the video has garnered impressive 1,229,827 views.

Let’s see what it brings. We are very excited about it, are you?



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