British GQ’s Xenophobic Micro-Aggression Towards BTS Called Out By ARMYs

Many are pressured why BTS have been added into the dialogue withinside the first place.

On November 23, KST, British GQ Magazine posted its “Most Stylish People On The Planet 2023” listing, and out of the 23 names on there, G-Dragon turned into the most effective Korean celebrity. While his inclusion at the listing is a proud achievement, the mag`s desire of wording whilst describing his have an impact on has left a bitter flavor withinside the mouth of many.

The paragraph committed to speaking approximately G-Dragon`s fashion had a totally surprising point out of BTS.

G-Dragon turned into promoting out Seoul stadiums earlier than BTS turned into even a Petri dish in a K-pop manufacturing facility farm. Coloured hair? Womenswear? Chanel and comfort residence campaigns? Nike collaborations? G-Dragon did it first and he`s nevertheless out there.

—British GQ

But it’s far the unique phrase, “BTS turned into even a Petri dish in a K-Pop manufacturing facility farm,” that made ARMYs enraged. Given the records of dehumanization of Korean pop artists withinside the West, in which K-Pop is frequently stereotyped as “manufacturing facility synthetic music,” this phraseology unsurprisingly stood out to enthusiasts as outright racist, which they referred to as out immediately.

petri dish in a kpop manufacturing facility farm… how a ways will u visit dehumanize human beings of shadeation it`s disgusting.

— ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ nibby⁷✩‧₊ (@ZoroMins) November 23, 2022

.@ZakMaoui @Murray__Clark @FinlayRenwick care to provide an explanation for using the sort of dehumanizing phrases to explain BTS?

— tony⁷ (@btspopmp3) November 23, 2022

Ah yes, what higher manner to introduce a Korean style icon than to dedicate a microagression towards some other institution of Koreans. Surely, withinside the yr 2022, you apprehend how insinuating BTS turned into synthetic performs into racist tropes of Asians being robot with out a autonomy?

— Patty⁷ 🇨🇦💜🐋 (@btbtbtsssssss_) November 23, 2022

insane how you made a decision that perpetuating dehumanizing racist rhetoric towards korean artists whilst looking to uplift some other korean artist turned into the manner to move

— jojo⁷🌊💙 (@93SHAD0WS) November 23, 2022

What the fuck is that this blatant, skin-crawling racism you`re looking to byskip off as style commentary?? @BritishGQ @Murray__Clark @ZakMaoui @FinlayRenwick

— the facts motion ratio⁷ (@borahaezu) November 23, 2022

The truth that G-Dragon has constantly been a style-ahead icon isn’t misplaced on anyone. He has severa achievements to his call to fill a couple of paragraphs, however the possibility to focus on his creative have an impact on turned into in some way misplaced with the aid of using the mag for no obvious reason. Fans are appalled that in place of displaying proper appreciation for him, British GQ resorted to namedrop an unrelated institution, that too in the sort of elaborate attitude that now no longer most effective insults BTS however diminishes the whole K-Pop enterprise at large, which G-Dragon is likewise a element of.

Artists like Jackson Wang of GOT7 have immediately spoken up towards this dangerous stereotype, which diminishes the tough paintings of Korean artists who paintings simply as tough as their western opposite numbers to create genuine art.

Locals calling Kpop “synthetic” will by no means now no longer be the funniest, maximum ironic component to me… and Jackson has some phrases on that…

— gotexopink will constantly giggle last (@ministryofkpop) December 9, 2019

Neither the British GQ Magazine nor the writers Zak MaouiMurray Clark, and Finlay Renwick have commented on this issue yet.

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