Borders and politics should not Bar the music: Chinese University stops the lecturer from talking about the BTS.

The Chinese hysteria over South Korea-US relations did not even spare education and the music industry. According to a South China Morning Post, the Chinese University named Sichuan University-Pittsburg Institute stopped Professor Jeong Ah Reum from delivering the BTS-related part in her lecture.

Reporting the incident, Professor Reum told Yonhap News that she was told to talk about BTS and K-pop during her lecture, but after the “Van Fleet Award,” the University barred her from speaking about BTS and K-pop. Jeong added that she refused to deliver the lecture when she was forced to eradicate content related to BTS.

BTS faces severe criticism in China following the “Van Fleet Award,” which accredited the band for its efforts in improving South Korea -US relations. It all started when BTS leader RM mentioned the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, which was ‘not-so-pleasing’ for the Chinese netizens.

The tension between Korea and China started in 2016 when China boycotted Korean Wave due to the THAAD dispute. After some time, China apparently lifted the restrictions, but this aversion again reflected their hatred towards South Korea.

Borders and politics should not impede music and culture. What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comments below.

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