BE Updates: J-Hope focuses on comfort in the teaser images for the upcoming album.

We all have been impatiently waiting to see Hope’s concept photos for BE.

Luckily, the wait has ended as the Big Hit dropped the megastar’s images just recently. In the photos, Jung, 26-year old, radiates in the pink robe, sitting on an inflatable pink conch, placed in front of the sneakers collection.

In the pictures, the rapper emphasizes the importance of ‘comfort’ and ‘energy’ in life. The colorful theme, and the great message that it coveys, have touched our hearts.

Explaining the idea, Hope said,

‘Hello everyone, welcome to J-Hope’s room. I am the curator, J-Hope. This room provides me with mental tranquility and speaks of my identity and what sort of person I am.

Like J-Hope, this space is bright, colorful, and filled with an energetic ambiance. I hope you can take with you some of this energy from this photograph of this room that I feel shouts out to the world who I am.’

Talking about the outfit, Jung said,

‘This outfit is all about comfort. It’s a look that lets me rest and relax in my room, inspired by the look of the robe I actually wear when I am in my room.’

What message do you get from these photographs? Let’s know in the comments below.

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