BE is out: BTS drops the second album of the year after Map of the Soul7 in February

Finally, BTS’s BE is out, which is the band’s 5th-Korean-language album and the second release of the year, following the Map of the Soul7 in February.

The septet dropped the eight-track album on Nov 20, 1:30 PM (KST). As communicated earlier, the composition is reflective of the members’ personal experiences. It also touches on the pandemic whilst motivating the people to move forward.

As Jimin said,

‘The pandemic provided us an opportunity to step back and focus on ourselves as well as our music. We reflected the emotions that we felt during this unprecedented period into this album.’

The lead single, ‘Life Goes On,’ is the epitome of the whole concept, which has been winning over the internet since its release. On YouTube alone, till now the song has bagged 18,508,485 views.

Last but not the least, BE also features the one-and-only ‘Dynamite’ that has been one of the greatest productions of the year, and undoubtedly the most famous K-pop production of the time.

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