Are there any chances for BTS to delay the military enlistment?

For the past few months, there has been a great debate concerning the Bangtan boys’ military enlistments. People have been curious to know if there are any chances that the BTS could postpone compulsory military services.

Luckily, the call has been answered.

According to the latest news, BTS will be able to postpone their military enlistments for another two years under the new changes proposed by the National Assembly’s Defense Committee.

To summarize, the potential amendments in the Military Act would allow the artists, contributing to the national esteem on the global level, delay their military enlistments.

Yong-gi from the Democratic Party first brought forward this idea in September 2020. Considering the BTS’s Dynamite record performance on the Billboard Hot 100, Yong said, ‘BTS members will be able to put off their enlistments until the age of 30 if this bill passes through a plenary session and a related enforcement decree is revised as well.’

Previously, the deferrals have only been granted to the international award-winning athletes and classical musicians in recognition of their efforts to promote the country’s reputation internationally.

Let’s see when the new changes are enforced to facilitate K-Pop artists.

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