Almost all songs from BTS ‘BE’ find spots on this week’s Billboard Hot 100

With its ‘Music Defies the Boundaries’ philosophy, BTS is setting the new trends in the music world, and we can already see the results.

‘Life Goes On’ featuring 1st on the Hot 100 is the success of the philosophy. Not only ‘Life Goes on,’ but also almost all the songs from the new set, BE, are holding spots on the Billboard Hot 100; thus marking a historical moment for any Korean band to accomplish this milestone.

Breaking down the ranking of the BE songs on the chart, Life Goes On is #1, with Dynamite being #3, “Blue & Grey” #13, “Stay” #22, “Fly to My Room” #69, Telepathy”#70 and “Dis-ease” #72.

Also ‘BE’, BTS Fifth Korean-language album launched on November 20, debuted 1st on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart yesterday.

The success in charts reflects BTS’s unparalleled fame and popularity encompassing the whole globe. What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comments below.

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