After Suga, RM shares the illustration of the room he curated for #ARMY

The final countdown has begun. BE(Essential Edition) is around the corner. But, to add to our excitement before the final reveal, BTS continues to drop new content around the upcoming release.

After Suga, it’s RM’s turn to give us a peek into his #ARMY room. The message Namjoon shared with his beautiful #ARMY room’s illustration is,

“I remember saying that something in porcelain would be nice for RM’s room, but I’ve actually been saving it for ARMY’s room. I thought the moon jar would suit ARMY’s room really nicely. A moon jar is made by combining two halves that are made separately, so each piece is unique. I’d say just like people, each different and unique. Just as all of these different jars are called ‘moon jars’, so are all our ARMY who are different but stand by BTS as one ARMY. Looking at the moon jar in the room brings a certain tranquility to my mind. I hope through this beautiful piece; my full moon wish is to gift you a warm day that will be felt by all ARMY,”

“I also thought a Korean “four-way-case” sabangtakja would be a good addition to ARMY’s room. I make good use of this item to display figures. The four-way case is open all around to make it extra useful, and the open sides imbue an expansive feeling to the entire space around it, bringing out comfort. It’s antique furniture with many modern aesthetics. I hope the harmonious balance created by the gentle curves of the moon jar and the lines and angles of the sabangtakja can bring lots of comfort and relaxation from every direction.”

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