After Suga and RM, JungKook reveals his concept of #ARMY Room

Just a few days till the debut of the BE(Essential Edition). As we are impatiently waiting for the final reveal, BTS keeps on adding to our excitement by dropping new content around the upcoming release almost every day.

After Suga and RM’s illustrations of the #ARMY room, it’s JungKook’s turn to take us on the tour of the room he curated for the #ARMY.

Like the concept photos from BE(Deluxe Edition), JungKook added speakers to the #ARMY room. Explaining the reason for his choice of speakers, Jeon said,

“Do you remember how ‘Jungkook’s room’ was filled with all kinds of speakers? I thought ARMY’s room definitely needs a set of speakers to give the best music we can. A speaker can fill the whole room with music. It can even amplify your emotions. Why don’t you listen to music with this kind of speaker and really get in touch with your emotions? A cheerful song can make you even happier, or when you are feeling down you can choose a bring the up-tempo song to send those blues away or maybe go for a darker and slower song to face those emotions head-on.”

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