Actor Yeo Jin Goo Spills On His Friendship With BTS’s Jungkook

The 97 liners met quite naturally.

Fans have always been curious about actor Yeo Jin Goo and BTS’s Jungkook’s friendship, seeing how the two support each other by sending coffee trucks on set. Del His Luna lead actor spoke of this friendship.


The two met by chance at a mutual friend’s house. Yoh was a soccer buddy for a while with this boyfriend, but they were good friends because they were all the same age.

members reaction when yoo jin goo surprised jungkook with a coffee truck

— mimi⁷ | my life: Bangtan (rest) (@jmserendipity13) August 7, 2022


The actor added that, surprisingly, there aren’t many ’97 liners in the entertainment industry. At that time, he didn’t have an idol boyfriend of the same age, and Jungkook didn’t have an actor boyfriend of the same age. We were both happy to know each other and slowly a friendship developed.

Jungkook often sends coffee trucks on set to cheer on his new projects, but Yeo is more conscious of talking about their friendship on record since Jungkook became world-famous. But in real life, they’re still good friends who hang out together and cheer each other on to success. Jungkook was already a superstar back then [we became friends].But he’s even more successful now, so I’ll be careful when I talk about our friendship.But he’s still with us. A friend who loves being in and is always cheering for her.

— Yeo Jin Goo, Herald Pop

Fans are happy to know that Jungkook has a really supportive and affectionate friend like Yo, and wish them well.

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