A Steamy BTS Jungkook Shower Selfie Has Fans Running To Instagram To Check The Facts


BTS`s “Golden Maknae” Jungkook is a multi-proficient artist with limitless creativity. The equal may be stated for ARMYs–for higher or worse!

Some enthusiasts explicit their love for BTS via art, whether or not it`s painting, drawing, or crafting edited photos. Sometimes those edits are a bit too convincing!

On November 19, V almost broke Instagram with this monochromatic thirst trap. In it, he poses shirtless in a darkened room. It`s viable that his actual image become the muse for a faux Jungkook selfie that started out circulating across the equal time.

Are you equipped for it?

Are you sure?

Last danger to show back!

Boom. Pregnant.

(Just kidding! Thankfully, that`s now no longer how that works.)

This steamy–pun intended–selfie did, however, reason pretty some enthusiasts to doubt their eyes. After all, BTS`s contributors do replica every different for fun, so it`s now no longer not possible to trust that Jungkook would possibly have snapped this shot to clown V`s post.

Yo wtf??😭😭😭😭😭huh??? pic.twitter.com/vI64zQ6OK6

        — btslayo (@btslayo_) November 19, 2022

Naturally, a few ARMYs ran to Instagram in a blind panic to test the facts.

Others had a meltdown on Twitter, and a few…

…didn`t survive.

Once again, the bathe image isn’t always actual, however those moments are. Check them out!

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