A Reporter Makes A Prediction About BTS’s J-Hope At The Airport And Hilariously Nails It

They understand Hobi so well! 🤣

BTS`s J-Hope simply back domestic from his first Paris Fashion Week. Making headlines as the “MVP of Fashion Week,” he attended style suggests from Louis Vuitton, DIOR, and Hermès.

Still complete of electricity after the lengthy flight from Paris, J-Hope excitedly waved to enthusiasts and danced across the airport.

He become in surprise while he felt the bloodless climate of Seoul…

…however nevertheless confirmed like to the enthusiasts as much as the very second he left!

One of the funniest moments got here from a reporter who patiently waited for J-Hope to emerge from the airport terminal. His voice become captured at the video creating a prediction.

I vote that Hobi could have each fingers raised while he walks out.

— Reporter

The second J-Hope walked out, he right away proved the reporter`s prediction to be true! Shooting hearts and spinning around, he stored each fingers withinside the air the whole time.

Even J-Hope`s press pictures hilariously captured the second.

It appears the journalists understand him too well!

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