“A Princess Like Friend”—BTS’s RM Dishes Out His First Crush And Fondest Childhood Memories

A glimpse into his life before he became an idol.

RM of BTS recently appeared on his two episodes of Melon Station to talk about his new album Indigo. In the second episode, which aired on December 4, KST shared some unheard stories from different times in his life, starting with his childhood.

RM shared his story, saying he was a “difficult” child to raise.He was a very healthy baby, so from the moment he was born his parents had a hard time. did. I heard that his parents had a hard time dealing with him because he cried a lot and was stubborn.

But Baby RM picked up Hangul so quickly that he already had a genius brain. RM said he was rebellious when he was a baby, so he tries to compensate by acting very childish now, he joked.

RM liked to reminisce about his kindergarten days. He spent his free time playing chicken fights with his friends, hanging out on the playground, camping, and sleeping in kindergarten. He also recalled that some “scary junior high school hyungs” had taken away his bouncing ball, or takji (paper cards used in traditional Korean games). RM was perplexed:
I don’t know why they threatened kindergarten kids like that, but I remember it happening.

Outgoing baby RM also had his favorite girl in his class. She was his first-year classmate, and he described her as “a princess-like friend in my class.”

RM continued to talk about his later years, spending the first semester of grades 9 and 10 in Ilsan before moving to Seoul and becoming an apprentice.

His school followed very strict rules, and he spent time with his friends in the study room at night, and he remembered that he liked subjects and physical education the most. RM said the friends he made that year are still among his closest people and still meet often!

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