A new BTS on its way-Why #ARMY is angry at Alan Peter Cayetano?

Philippine former Speaker of the House of Representative, Alan Peter Cayetano, sparks frenzy on the internet after he unveiled the intentions of creating a political group ‘BTS sa Kongreso’ (BTS in Congress)

The moment this announcement hit the internet sphere, netizens, especially #ARMY, were outraged, as they accused Cayetano of borrowing the BTS name just to gain influence and attention.

Cayetano’s proposed BTS group is also expected to consist of seven members-same as the BTS.

However, after the instant backlash, Cayetano clarified that the intentions were not to hurt BTS’s fans, and ‘BTS sa Kongreso Implies ‘Back To Service’ in Congress.

It is yet to know how this outrage storm will settle. #CayetanoStopUsingBTS has become the top trend in the Philippines. Some BTS fans even plan to report this unauthorized use of the band’s name to BigHit(the band’s parent company).

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