15 Of BTS Jimin’s Best End-Of-Year Award Show Performances Ever, According To Netizens

In a recent viral post, netizens are reminiscing some of BTS Jimin’s biggest stages at year-end awards ceremonies over the past decade. Check out the most iconic performances and moments below!

1. “Perfect Man” – MBC Music Festival 2015
The maximum video length that can be posted on Twitter is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
BTS Legendary Perfect Man Stage 2 minutes 20 seconds pic.twitter.com/8qSQ7TMrR5

— ෆ̈ Shakkin, ꜱʟᴏᴡ (@minsuga_31) May 12, 2021

2. “Idol” – Melon Music Awards 2021
181201 MMA IDOL Intro Jimin Focus |Jimin Idol Intro Fan Dance Solo Dance Direct Cam (4K) @BTS_twt You are so good so the best😘 #JIMIN #JIMIN #BTS #BTS
Naver TV Cast https:
//t.co/Ktkn1nn0gz pic.twitter.com/piOcDVIYpr

— MYLOVERJIMIN My Love (@myloverjimin) March 11, 2019

3. “Fake Love” – ​​Soul Music Awards 2019
190115 SMA BTS FAKE LOVE JIMIN FOCUS|Seoul Music Awards BTS Jimin Fake Love Fancam (4K)

4K YouTube https://t.co/PLtNZ7vkYC

4K Naver TV https://t.co/7oBDmnIWFB#JIMIN #JIMIN #BTS #BTS @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/0wYnXf70BE

— MYLOVERJIMIN My Love (@myloverjimin) September 7, 2020

Four. Jimin X J-Hope “Boy Meets Evil” and “Lie” – 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards
jimin stage 059

Mother Eyepatch Lai #WithYou #JIMIN #BTSJIMIN #BTS
(@BTS_twt) pic.twitter.com/KlmtSmcUOX

— Water 💙 (@hide01141) June 15, 2022

5. “Fake Love” – ​​2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Don’t forget kids 2018 mom’s love that shone in the twilight Danvee Jimin pic.twitter.com/X8lusMASnw

— Amboteo (@ 163Jimin) January 4, 2022

6. “We are Bulletproof:
2” –– 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards
2019 Mama Weewolf Danbu Jimin John Mattan So I can fast for a week

— Abs Explorer (@NoAbsNoLIFe) December 4, 2019

7. “I Need You” – Melon Music Awards 2019
191130 Melon Music Awards MMA ‖ Jimin solo dance I NEED U focus #ParkJimin #JIMIN #ParkPopo 👼🏻 @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/HvtmCHxx8N

— Tilt:
Flipped_j (@flipped_jimin) November 30, 2019

8. “Lies” – 2016 KBS Song Festival
161229 KBS Song Festival

Since it’s April Fool’s Day, the last park lie is (๑❛ө❛๑)
I will prepare for next year’s April Fool’s spoilers from tomorrow. See you next year 😉 #BTS #BTS #JIMIN @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/2ISp4qstpm

— Fabulous Boy (@FABULOUSBOY_JM) April 1, 2020

9. Jimin X Taemin “Confrontation” – 2016 Gayo Daechukje
161229 Song Festival Taemin x Jimin – SHOWDOWN pic.twitter.com/n985qxYw6i

— 🌙 (@_helloflora) 29. December 2016

10. Moderner Tanz – 2016 Gayo Daejun
2016 Song Daejeon Tans Love Jimin #BestOfJimin #JIMIN #BTS Jimin #JIMIN
Jimin Jimin pic.twitter.com/sYij0lMMAJ

-Dinner. . . (@jmzipsa) October 21, 2021

11. “Black Swan” — 2020 Melon Music Awards
연말지민은 늘 레전드를 갱신해애, pic.twitter.com/B5JRiLixP4

— 😭 (@9uokka_) December 5, 2020

12. “Dionysus” — 2020 Golden Disk Awards
200105 방탄소년단 지민 (BTS JIMIN) GDA 골든디스크워어즈 ‘디오니소스(Dionysus)’ 4K 직캠

진짜 우리 지민이 너무 잘해서 미치겠다😭
개쩌는 박지민 고화질로 보세여!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🔗유튜브 고화질로보기👇🏻
//t.co/9qOuaS3SXj#지민 #JIMIN #방탄소년단 #BTS @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/zjSwQibdLn

— 하늘연달,열사흘 October.13th (@skypjm1013) January 6, 2020

13. “Fire” — 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Vid 161202 MAMA 불타오르네
Full ver https:
//t.co/jsyc8tibZ0#방탄소년단 #BTS #JIMIN #지민 pic.twitter.com/dxuOAWUP8E

— Love Beat💙 (@Lovebeat_jm) December 3, 2016

14. Dance battle with Block B featuring J-Hope — 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards
2014 MAMA 지민 퍼포먼스
방송후 실시간검색 1위에 올랐었다는 찢지민!!
지민은 아쉬웠다고 하지만 진짜 멋있었던 무대👍

방송 영상과 팬캠 영상 이어서 만든 영상

I love to listen to the beautiful OST #WithYou by #JIMIN #BTSJIMIN of #BTS @BTS_twt and Sungwoon

pic.twitter.com/FDqp1QkTXH https:

— TAKARA💙 With You (🐢) (@radytakara) May 22, 2022

15. “Mic Drop” — 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards
몇번봐도 진심 미친것가튼 샤넬지민,,

— 🌱쌍떡잎☂︎*̣̩ (@jimimicat) January 17, 2020

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