ARMYs Continue To Raise Anger Towards HYBE On The Alleged Mistreatment Of BTS J-Hope, Gaining The Attention Of Korean Media

Fans had been annoying a reaction from HYBE for the reason that J-Hope`s solo album!

BTS`s J-Hope is an idol who by no means fails to make enthusiasts smile and places 100% into the entirety he does, which includes his music. After the discharge of his album Jack In The Box, ARMYs have raised anger in the direction of HYBE concerning their “Mistreatment” of the J-Hope.

Recently, Korean media has picked up on ARMYs` grievances approximately the mistreatment of J-Hope through HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC.

The troubles concerning J-Hope even stuck the eye of the Korean media outlet of TOPSTARNEWS, who shared an editorial list the troubles ARMYs have had with HYBE.

방탄소년단 제이홉 팬들, 소속사 빅히트 뮤직에 `경호·앨범·홈페이지` 관련 문제 제기 #방탄소년단제이홉 #제이홉 #JHOPE #HOBI #HOSEOK #JUNGHOSEOK #ホソク #ジェイホープ #ホビ #BTS #BTSARMY #防弾少年団ソク #topstarnews #톱스타뉴스 #스타서베이 #스타브랜드파워투표

— 톱스타뉴스 (TOPSTARNEWS) (@topstarnews) December 6, 2022

The most important difficulty sparking the object turned into concerning an difficulty whilst J-Hope again from Japan. The idol allegedly misplaced his bags on the airport and needed to settle the problem personally.

As one of the maximum outstanding Korean celebrities worldwide, strolling round unprotected might also additionally positioned him in danger. Many additionally believed that, as he again from a business-associated agenda, he need to`ve had a supervisor or team of workers with him.

yall without a doubt move permit hobi run across the airport ALONE discover his bags whilst a person took it, no manger or bodyguard???? on pinnacle of that he’s the best soloist member who had no radio album. tf is incorrect with you hybe

— big name ⁷ ♡`s makima (@agustdackerman) December 7, 2022

Fans have greater worries approximately the remedy of J-Hope through HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC that’s greater than simply what passed off on the airport.

ARMYs had been sharing their worries over the last few months approximately the remedy of J-Hope, and quite a few it commenced whilst the idol introduced the discharge of his album Jack In The Box.

When it got here to the album itself, ARMYs raised anger that to exhibit they had been sticking to their environmental policy, they best produced a platform version, missing such things as lyric sheets or maybe a CD. While it need to be applauded, thinking about the severa variations of albums launched for different artists, it regarded unfair.

Even whilst the album turned into launched, the platform replica turned into now no longer to be had in large US stores.

Although it turned into viable to shop for it in Korea, many raised anger on the presentation. The platform album turned into a skinny paper field with a QR code that turned into simply tied to it with a rubber band, and it turned into positioned with out a description or merchandising.

Although ARMYs claimed the layout would`ve been mentioned with J-Hope, many shared anger at the shortage of merchandising globally.

If that wasn`t enough, many ARMYs constantly desired to request to listen J-Hope`s songs at the radio. Yet, one US radio DJ found out that they contacted HYBE for the report of “MORE” in order that they might play it however did now no longer get any reaction.

Fans additionally wondered the shortage of social media merchandising in which HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC did not encompass a merchandising agenda or alternate their headers/profile

Along with the space among the bodily album being launched weeks after the songs, which impacted charting globally, ARMYs have raised worries on social media.

When the item become shared, ARMYs shared their reaction to the item, with many inquiring for the enterprise to cope with the troubles stated withinside the article and which have been raised at some point of the beyond few months.

You can study greater approximately the preliminary problem below.

Netizens Outraged As BTS`s J-Hope Is Spotted Without A Manager At The Airport

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