“Medic Jimin” Came To V’s Rescue Right Away

He stored the day!

Need a medic? Jimin is right here to keep the day!

In Episode a hundred thirty of Run BTS!, BTS endured their long-time period project: gaining knowledge of tennis. Although the participants made upgrades through leaps and bounds, there have been lots of mishaps alongside the way.

While gambling a match, V took a success to the shoulder and fell dramatically to the ground.

As all of us known as for a timeout, Suga ran over to V, shouting, “Medic! Medic!”

Say no more! Medic Jimin swooped in, scooped up V in his arms, and carried him off the courtroom docket for treatment.

Who knew that shoulder accidents require CPR? Jimin pretended to resuscitate V, who laughed and shouted, “Hold on!”

In conclusion, it`s Vmin`s world. The relaxation folks simply stay right here!

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