Suga Produces Psy 9th’s Title Track, “That, That”

BTS’s Suga has produced the title track, “That, That” for the Psy’s 9th full-length album, ‘Psy 9th’ coming out on April 29. 

In the teaser video for “That, That”, the Gangahma style singer could be seen running through a town donning a cowboy attire. 

Addressing the experience of working together, Psy and Suga both talked about how the marked age difference of 16 between the two could not stop them from becoming besties, and consequently, this bond of friendship made the whole process much easier. 

Meanwhile, #ARMYs are thrilled to learn about Suga’s part in the composition. But, there is a twist, since Psy’s caption read, prod.&ft. SUGA of BTS, many are speculating whether Suga will be having lines in the song.

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